The Application Filter

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College seems to have covered everything except what was most fundamental: getting a job. We have written the 30-page papers, crushed the capstone projects, and sealed letters of recommendation from killer internships. Still there remains the obscure challenge of penetrating the industries for which we have prepared.

Our predicament can be broken down like this:

Face-to-face interactions have been almost entirely removed from the job hunt. More than ever, we are resumes competing with thousands of others in a digital colander, surviving only if we contain the magic words.

So, how do we break in? How do we keep from slipping through the cracks? How do we resurrect ourselves as human beings in a digital world?

The answer is simple:

Go back to the basics. If personality is being removed from the hiring process, make up for it with footwork and find a recruiter that will meet you face-to-face.

This formula doesn’t guarantee a job. However, if implemented with diligence and sincerity, it guarantees relationships that will serve as resources to you in ways you never imagined. When the impending threat of slipping into cyber oblivion looms overhead, we thrive only by immersing ourselves in the networks we’ve cultivated.

ABS doesn’t use a colander to filter out applicants. Our boutique strategy lends us the opportunity to engage candidates individually. With a hard-earned and ever-growing network at our fingertips, we love connecting our talented job-seekers to Manhattan’s top agencies.

Elsewhere - even at other staffing agencies, whose overall mission, like ours, is to get you hired - solid candidates go unnoticed. That’s why we’re sticking to the oldschool approach to recruiting, where we can market job applicants with a personalized touch.

Despite the chaos of this industry, ABS promises intimate, one-on-one time with our candidates. Ariel Schur, our busier-than-anyone-we’ve-ever-seen CEO, prides herself on the number of job-seekers she meets on a weekly basis. Bearing a schedule packed with executive-level responsibilities, her priority remains the same: people.

Apply with us today, and cross your fingers in the process! (just kidding)